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Version: v1.7

vela addon init

create an addon scaffold


Create an addon scaffold for quick starting.

vela addon init [flags]


  Store the scaffold in a different directory:
vela addon init mongodb -p path/to/addon

Add a Helm component:
vela addon init mongodb --helm-repo --chart mongodb --chart-version 12.1.16

Add resources from URL using ref-objects component
vela addon init my-addon --url

Use --no-samples options to skip creating sample files
vela addon init my-addon --no-sample

You can combine all the options together.


      --chart string           Helm Chart name
--chart-version string version of the Chart
-f, --force overwrite existing addon files
--helm-repo string URL that points to a Helm repo
-h, --help help for init
--no-samples do not generate sample files
-p, --path string path to the addon directory (default is ./<addon-name>)
-u, --url stringArray add URL resources using ref-object component

Options inherited from parent commands

  -y, --yes   Assume yes for all user prompts


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