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Version: v1.4

CLI Commands

Getting Started

  • vela env - Manage environments for vela applications to run.

  • vela init - Create scaffold for vela application.

  • vela up - Deploy one application

    Deploy one application based on local files or re-deploy an existing application. With the -n/--namespace flag, you can choose the location of the target application.

    To apply application from file, use the -f/--file flag to specify the application file location.

    To give a particular version to this deploy, use the -v/--publish-version flag. When you are deploying an existing application, the version name must be different from the current name. You can also use a history revision for the deploy and override the current application by using the -r/--revision flag.

  • vela show - Show the reference doc for component, trait or workflow types.

Managing Applications

  • vela ls - List all vela applications.
  • vela status - Show status of vela application.
  • vela delete - Delete an application.
  • vela exec - Execute command inside container based vela application.
  • vela port-forward - Forward local ports to container/service port of vela application.
  • vela logs - Tail logs for vela application.
  • vela live-diff - Compare application and revisions
  • vela ql - Show result of executing velaQL.
  • vela dry-run - Dry-run application locally, render the Kubernetes resources as result to stdout.
  • vela revision - Manage KubeVela Application Revisions

Continuous Delivery

Managing Extension

  • vela addon - Manage addons for extension.
  • vela uischema - Manage UI schema for addons.
  • vela def - Manage X-Definitions for extension.
  • vela registry - Manage Registry of X-Definitions for extension.
  • vela provider - Authenticate Terraform Cloud Providers by managing Terraform Controller Providers with its credential secret
  • vela component - List component types installed and discover more in registry.
  • vela trait - List trait types installed and discover more in registry.


  • vela uninstall - Uninstalls KubeVela from a Kubernetes cluster.
  • vela install - The Kubevela CLI allows installing Kubevela on any Kubernetes derivative to which your kube config is pointing to.
  • vela completion - Output shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh). The shell code must be evaluated to provide interactive completion of vela commands.
  • vela export - Export deploy manifests from appfile or application.
  • vela version - Prints vela build version information.
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