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Version: v1.4

Build your Own Registry

An addon registry can be used for discovering and distributing addons. Currently, KubeVela has supported two type registry: git server and helm repo.

Git as registry

A directory contains some sub-directories stored in git repository can be used as an addon registry.

The git type registry type has supported github, gitlab and gitee.

A typical git addon registry is like catalog. You can clone this repo to your local path and then push to your own git repository.

$ git clone
$ git remote add <repoName> <you git server address>
$ git push -u <repoName> master

If your repository type is github, you can use this command to add your addon registry.

vela addon registry add my-repo --type git --endpoint=<URL> --path=<ptah> --gitToken=<git token>

If your type is gitee, you can use:

vela addon registry add my-repo --type gitee --endpoint=<URL> --path=<ptah> --gitToken=<git token>

If your type is gitlab, you can use:

vela addon registry add my-repo --type gitlab --gitRepoName=<repoName> --endpoint=<URL> --path=<ptah> --gitToken=<git token>

Helm chart repository as registry

A helm chart repository can be used to store addon package.

You can build your own helm repository by following this tutorial.

If you already have one, you can follow these steps package add push addon to helm repository.

Package the addon:

$ vela addon package <addon-path>

Use helm cli to push addon package which generated by last step to the helm repository.

$ helm plugin install
$ helm cm-push <addon-pacakge> <remote>

More info please refer to chartmuseum docs.

Then you can add it as addon registry by this command:

vela addon registry add my-repo --type helm --endpoint=<URL>

If your helm repo must be accessed with username and password. You can set them by:

vela addon registry add my-repo --type helm --endpoint=<URL> --username=<username> --password=<passwor>

A helm repo type registry can store addon's multi-versions of an addon. In the future we will support chart-museum addon, and provide an easier way to build your own versioned addon registry.